Affiliate marketing

City Network is promoted in a variety of marketing channels, one of them is affiliate marketing. Advertisers, and web page owners connect to different affiliate networks and work together to earn money. The advertiser want to sell their service or product and the web page owner wants to earn money by promoting the service or product. There are different ways of getting paid for your ads on your web page. You could get a couple of cents for each visitor, for each click on the ad or as in our case – commission whenever a shared hosting package is sold thanks to the web page owner´s ads.

Do you have a web page, a blog or perhaps a comparison service for shared hosting? Make sure to get commission when your visitors buy our shared hosting package. We give you 100% commission on the order value for our shared hosting package. We currently work with Commission Junction for our affiliate partners.


Commission Junction

100% commission on the order value for shared hosting

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