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Cloud Computing
Welcome to real cloud computing – City Cloud! This is the service where you easily create servers in real time and only pay for what you use. The servers start at as low a price as 1,9 Euro cents per hour and that includes 1000 GB of bandwidth and 20GB of disk space and you are up and running within minutes.

What is City Cloud ?

Cloud City is a cloud computing service that gives you the advantage of flexibility, scalability and economy of your IT infrastructure (servers) that cannot be obtained otherwise. You create an account and are able to start your first server in less than 10 minutes. You can then either manually kick off servers as your needs grow – or scale up in terms of giving your server more power such as RAM or more processors via our API. Cloud City is designed with simplicity in mind. You do not need to be an IT professional to get your servers into the cloud.

Why should I use City Cloud?

Using the City Cloud, you can start a server just when you need it and pay only for what you use. It can be a project that only lasts a week or two – for such, you can develop your entire IT infrastructure in City Cloud. There are many advantages and the fact that you can get a server within minutes is just one of them. If you and your business grow, then at the same time your power grows fast and easy in City Cloud. Limited flexibility and scalability are two of the major reasons. With City Cloud, you will also see a very different efficiency and hence cost-effectiveness which is better than other solutions.

What is the difference in Cloud City, and a so-called Virtual Private Server?

Many providers are running a simple form of virtual servers called Virtual Private Server or VPS. The difference in technology is big compared to the true cloud computing and City Clouds virtual servers. A VPS is a “container” in which all instances (servers) must be running on the same OS as the host machine. An execution on the virtual server, can affect someone else’s server on the same machine. Cloud City is a true cloud computing solution where each virtual server has its own kernel and cannot be in a same way affected by an execution of another customer’s virtual server. We run most common operating systems, completely independent of the host machine. City Cloud is built with centralized storage which allows for you virtual machine to instantly move from one server blade to another should hardware failure occor. You also have access to full-fledged API through which you can scale both up, down and across via simple scritpting. True cloud computing is thus a much better technical solution where you get the power of cloud computing, while retaining the simplicity of a VPS. City Cloud gives you the best of both worlds.


Scale according to your needs

In City Cloud, you can grow at the pace you need. But you can also quickly scale up as never before. You can easily write a script, through our powerful API, where you can clone up 1, 10 or 100 additional servers as the load increases. You can also dynamically give an existing server, more power like RAM or processors. When you turn off a server, we’ll stop charging. This way you can easily scale but at the same time reach great financial efficiency.

How do you charge?

We use pay as you go. That means you only pay for what you use. This applies from the underlying hardware to the bandwidth. To make it easy we have divided the different server configurations in profiles each of which have different amounts of RAM and the number of processors (cores). Prices start at just over 1,9 Euro cents per hour for a profile “Small” which includes one core (CPU) and 0.5 GB of RAM. We do not charge for the time when a server is shut down.

How can I get started?

Go to City Cloud and click register account. If you are already a customer of City Network – do use your same information as before (company ID or email account) to get everything under the same account.

City Cloud
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Why City Cloud and cloud computing?

1. Flexibility

  • Start a server or 100 servers in 15 minutes
  • Increase or decrease with the touch of a button
  • Run a server only when necessary

2. Scalability

  • Scale up, down and across the width
  • Control everything via full-scale API
  • Unlimited power at your disposal

3. Cost effective

  • Pay only for what you are using
  • Pay per hour
  • Servers from € 0,0185 per hour

4. Simplicity

  • Completely web based
  • You dont need to be an expert to drive it

5. Availability and quality

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Leading infrastructure

6. Swedish Company

  • English support everyday of the week
  • Own datacenter
  • We understand your needs

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