Are you participating in Earh Hour on Saturday?

Earth HourEarth Hour is coming up and on Saturday, millions of people turn out the lights for a brighter future. Are you in?

Read more about our work environment, our promises and City Cloud as an environmentally friendlier alternative for traditional server hosting.


What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a global manifestation organised by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It began in 2007 when 2,2 milion of Sydney residents turned off their unnecessary lights and since then it has grown to include 135 countries world wide. This action is intended to raise awareness about climate changes.


Our working environment

We are constantly working on finding environment friendly alternatives in all aspects of our operations. As a leading hosting provider we have a responsibility to take part in this action, which is actually happening. Of course you can always be better, and that is something we promise in 2012.


Renewable engergy

We are currently working on adjusting our contract we have with our energy provider, when it is done, we will get energy only from renewable sources. It is planned to be done in 2012.


Free cooling

We have couple of cooling systems for our server hall, for redundancy, but our main cooling system is using free cooling, which gives a huge advantage environmentaly. During the cold months, we use the cold air outside to cool down the entire server hall.


Cloud Computing

In our industry there are many activities that can save energy. As you know we have our own datacenter where thousands of physical servers are located. Every server is using energy, even if it is not performing any calculations. There are different numbers on how much power a server is actually using but a general figure is a cut around 7-10%. On average we can say that around 90% of the available CPU power we have in our servers is unused.

It is something we and are customers are aware of, but sometimes you just have to have a dedicated server even if you don´t need all the available processing power. As a result you are using a server where only one-tenth power is used. Imagine what energy, place and resources can be spared if you put 4-5 customers on such a server.

In our cloud computing service City Cloud, utlization of CPU power on each server is much higher. Virtual servers can be small, but still meet the customers requirements, they won’t have to use dedicated servers anymore, where only 10% of power is used. In such case we can fill in unused resources and increase utilization up to 30%.

To put it in a simple way, we have connected a lot of servers that together build a large bank of resources, that our customers hire parts of. Each customer hires as much resources as he/she needs and pays by the hour. If he/she needs to scale the servers, it´s easily done. This solution itself gives great performance in terms of costs and power usage.

Here are some real numbers as a comparison.

  • DELL PE R210 is one of the most common servers we have in our datacenter today. Many of our customers select this particular server because of its balance between performance and price.
  • DELL M710HD is one of the blades we are using to power City Cloud.


R210 m710hd
Server DELL PE R210 II DELL M710HD
0% CPU load 28W 104W
100% CPU load 88W 260W
Customers per server 1 more than  4



If you look at the usage you will notice that blade server is using much more energy than regular dedicated server. This is mostly due to RAM and processors that are in the server, it needs to be able to serve thousands of customers. Server R210 is rented by one customer, while 1 blade server  M710HD is serving many customers in City Cloud.

This comparison shows how effective cloud computing and City Cloud really is. 16 blade servers take also the same space as if we had 10 dedicated R210 servers.


10 customer servers 16 blades


Total energy usage for the left column with 100% CPU load is 888W.  For the right column it is  4160W.  To get the same power usage per customer in both configurations, the blade servers need to server at least  47 customers (4160/88).

A set like the one on the right can store thousands of virtual servers, all depending on how small and how big servers the system allows one to create.

Cloud computing is simply a more environment friendly, cost efficient and more flexible way to buy servers.


Our promises for 2012

  • Get our contract with energy provider up and running, so we only get energy from renewable sources
  • Continue our work to extend City Cloud usage, so people can buy more environment friendly servers
  • Install more low energy lamps in our office


On saturday

On saturday  20:30 we turn off lights for one hour for a brighter future. All släcker vi lyset under 1 timme för en ljusare framtid. All our employees at City Network take part in it, do you?

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