How to get your business onto Smartphones


If you want to have your business on smartphones you have to consider special website design, that looks better on smaller screens like Smartphones or Tablets. This process is automated and the software automatically detects if the user is accessing your website with a mobile device to show him website in right format.
With better handsets coming our almost every quarter, it is important to be up to date with your website and technology.

Mobile Internet

Some time ago you could set up an Internet connection from your desktop computer, then came notebooks. Now you have Smartphones and Tablets. They have 3G and 4G, GPRS and all possible features that allow Internet connection.
Thanks to the Mobile Operators it is now cheaper to connect, since data traffic doesn’t cost as much as it used to before.
Previously the connection was very slow and data traffic was very expensive.
Since it is cheaper now, people use Internet on their Smartphones or Tablets more often. This was a clear sign for Companies, they had to adjust their website to such devices. If you want to be successful, you need to have your presence on mobile devices also. It is a convenient way for users to find information about you on thier handheld devices, no matter where they are.

Customer Experience

You should make sure that your website is accessible and compatibile with different mobile networks and the servers. Mobile Operators use different platforms and technologies, so you have to make sure that your website is shown correctly keeping the above in mind. Your website should be as simple as possible so people can access it in less time. Try to come up with valuable information first, so users can found what they are looking for faster.


If your website is well optimized you increase user experience, satisfaction and sales. Accessible website can bring you more users who will pay for your services via their Smartphones or Tablets.

If people can reach your website via their Smartphones, they will generate additional traffic to your website. This will give you an advantage in search engines.

Having a mobile version of your website can also be a good strategy for your Company. If you have a website and social media presence, mobile version of a website for Smartphones and Tablets is a natural step and shows your flexibility and openness for all users.

Users can access your website at anytime, without having to look for a PC or laptop. This shows that your Company is opened for customers and is trusted, they can order your services directly there without having to look for your Company in the search engines.

As we mentioned above, your future clients can reach you everywhere and whenever they want. It is important to have your website available for Smartphones and Tablets, because if people won’t find your Company there, they will just move to another one, which has such website version available.

You don’t have to develop an Application for your brand or Company, there are many of such applications already available. Users won’t have to download anything and you won’t have to worry about your Application compatibility.
Having a website available for Smartphones and Tablets solves this issue.

Mobile website gives you an opportunity to use Smartphones and Tablets as an advertising medium. It is more popular these days have advertisments addressed to those users.
You can use different tools, like f.e. Google Adwords. Thanks to new technology, you can use new ways of promotion. One which is gaining popularity is a QR code. You can see such codes almost everywhere, with a Smartphone you can scan it and go to the product website.
Sometimes such codes can give you special discounts, or offers that are available only for Smartphones users.

As you can see there it is really good to have a website adjusted to Smartphones and Tablets. If you decide to have it, your Company can only benefit from it and show that you want to be closer to your customers and that they can reach you whenever they want.
Let us know if you have any comments on that. Maybe your website is available on Smartphones and you noticed a change in traffic and sales?

Graphics: Mobile Presence

Michal Gledala