Some tips on how to get comments on your blog

profileSetting up a blog and filling it with content seems like an easy thing to do. If you have selected a platform for your blog, next steps are easy. You just have to keep the posts coming. Once you have some content on your blog, it is time to get some readers and encourage them to comment on your posts.
This may seem like an easy task, but it is not as easy as it seems. We will give you some tips on how to get comments on your blog.

You have put together couple of interesting posts on your blog, but there is not a single comment under your them. Was it because your posts are not interesting, or is there any other reason?
In general people read what you have to say and them move on to another things. The ones leaving comments are the ones who are either touched by something you said, or they like your blog in general and by commenting on your posts show support for it. There are some ways to have more comments on your blog and we will tell you what you can do to get them.

Ask a question

One of the easiest ways to get people to comment on your post is to ask a question addressed to them. If you describe a piece of software, you can ask people for their opinions, if you write about tools for IT, you can ask them if they are using those, or maybe they have some other ones to suggest. It is always good to ask for personal experience and request to share it with other readers. Some of your readers will respond to it, since you asked them politely and not demand an answer. You can ask simple questions like “What do you think about X?” Asking for feedback also shows that you can for your readers opinion.


If you notice that there are comments on your blog, respond to them. This will show that you actually care for the opinions that are left under your post, and the question asked was not only to get readers to comment on it. If you don’t have anything particular to reply, you can just thank them for the comment. If you start a discussion in the comment, it is possible that more people will join it and leave their comments. This will show them that you are willing to interact with them. You can also publish comments on other blogs that are related to yours, and point to your blog for similiar article.

Write about interesting topics

This may sound like something obvious, but it is very important if you want to get comments. If you write about things that are interesting for your target group, people will leave comments on it. If there is a new technology coming soon, write about your expectations, ask people what they think of it and share your thoughts on that.
Sometimes you can find inspiration in the comments left by your readers and write a new post about it. Let him know, that the comment inspired you, this way you can get a better reach for your posts, since the user will probably share it with his friends.

Use Social Media

If you have a page in Social Media, like Facebook or Twitter, you can encourage people to comment on your blog posts there, instead of just posting a link to your blog article. This will show that you care for your readers opinion.
This will also give your blog posts wider audience and a possibility that it will be shared by your friends who find it interesting.

Ideas that are listed above are only a part of the things that can be done to attract users to your blog posts and encourage them to leave comments. You can use different tools for different types of blogs, some will work better with certain types of blogs, the other won’t.
Let us know if you have any other ideas based on your experience and share them with us.

Michal Gledala