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City Network takes hosted e-mail to a new level

E-mail is one of the absolute most critical services a hosting company provides. Most businesses stop functioning without e-mail. However it is not just access to and up time that is critical. So is functionality as well as how many of your e-mail you can store. Leading free services such as Gmail and Hotmail has touted storage as one of the true advantages and has shown sincere generosity storage wise with 2 GB free storage or more. City Network now takes e-mail a notch further for anybody that owns a domain name.

City Network has during April taken all e-mail accounts to 10 GB of storage. Each hosting package includes 1000 e-mail accounts and functionality rivals Exchange with true calendar functionality which can be shared with colleagues if chosen to.

Another major improvement is that each domain customer now also receives 1000 fully functional e-mail accounts with each domain. Each account with the very generous limit of 10 GB storage – for free. The current total storage for each domain is 250 GB – and follows the total limits in the hosting package.

I am very pleased that we now have our new mail system running. It allows us to grow without any barriers and also offer more than expected to our customers. For me personally e-mail is not only critical but with smart phones and new technology I am saving more and more e-mail online. Storage for e-mail is of essence for anybody today, says CEO Johan Christenson.

Technically we have created a solution that offers us an unlimited way of growing which was key to deliver a quality service for our customers. Users simply expect perfect performance and availability for e-mail and it is what we have designed for, says CTO, Magnus Bergman.

All customers can enjoy new mailbox sizes from April, 2012 and forward.

About City Network
With more than 15000 customers across the world City Network is one of the leading hosting companies. Core services include public cloud as well as private clouds. Dedicated environments as well as shared hosting and domain services. City Network also provides high end backup services via City Cloud is the cloud computing brand which you can read more about at You can find more information about City Network at:

For more information please contact: Johan Christenson, Chairman, City Network Hosting – E-mail johan ( at )


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